Saturday, May 19, 2012

What are you willing to live for? Die for?

RESOLVE: That's what the defenders 
of freedom are looking for

What are you willing to do, to endure, for freedom to flourish, to last as a legacy for your children, your grand children? Another question: what is freedom? Do you know? Is it license to do what ever you want? Or is it something more? Something perhaps even deeply spiritual or transcendent? 
From the law and the prophets, we learn that where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. And the apostles doctrine is that the perfect law of liberty is given by grace from God, a gift paid for by the blood of Christ at Calvary.
Ron Paul has observed that the only actual freedom is individual liberty.  
The law, prophets and apostles agree. For it is individual faith that defines true belief.
Thomas Jefferson observed that freedom was worth the extreme oath, to swear upon the altar of God Almighty his absolute allegiance against every form of tyranny that exalts itself over the mind of man.
It has defined the history of our nation, the picture given of a tree of liberty. Wasn't it nourished by the blood of patriots?
Do you have that level of RESOLVE?



Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Answering critics of traditional (actual) marriage:

 Traditional marriage is as traditional marriage does, and has done for hundreds of years, reaching back thousands of years.

For us in America, traditional marriage is defined from the rise of the western ideals that stem from remnant Roman social thought plus dark-age Roman Catholic cultural base that then entered into a discussion from enlightenment and Protestant reformation sources - the impact made a homogeneity centered on the nuclear family as paramount, and marriage as that between a man and a woman given in the context of responsible community witness as well as fidelity, fealty and love. This was seen as the age or covenant of grace improvement by God's providence over the law - the law that is ripped terribly out of context by the "" article, by the way.

Take first the kinsman redeemer law. It is illustrated in context with the book of Ruth. In the time of Ruth, having a husband was very important for a woman's well being. Today, where economies are more - well - basic, females are cheapened, often female children are discarded, killed, because the need for the family in their generations and for their survival is for males to grow up and take on the rigors of physical work. In the context of an agrarian society, without industry and automation to provide productivity in place of physical labor, the priority was to provide for women and shelter their value against the downward momentum toward discarding or marginalizing their basic interest needs.

The situation of forcible sex, a type of rape, is also taken in the context of an agrarian community in the country where a father is providing for his daughter: it is absolutely not the same as violent stranger rape today - not the same thing as a violent attack whereby a sexual union is not even primarily a part of the attack - there are other provisions in the law regarding the physical wounding of victims. (Read the full chapter, other chapters, as if you actually cared about what the Bible says other than to attack its reputation) Then also notice that it is the raping male who is by law required to "marry" the victim - again, in the community of that time, with a known person who would be tasked to provide for her because he defiled her and destroyed her prospects for gaining a husband after that is done and known. The ongoing marriage would be established and watched in that community, with the victim's interests again a priority.

It is about how things were done in that very different time and culture, with the situation of a mediatorial theocracy delivering the messianic line for the world to be blessed that the laws were placed. Then it is progressive revelation and additional dispensations that lead to the fullness of time where Christ is given, his sinless life and vicarious death on the cross to pay the penalty of sin is provided, then the resurrection of Christ from death that proves he is the fulfillment of the law. If you wanted to search the scriptures with a mind to receive with understanding the testimony of the law and the prophets, then your motivation would guide you to all truth. Blessings.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Intelligent design rules!!!

  • The scientific community punishes those who theorize and study possible observations regarding intelligent design: this is a means of protecting a religious orthodoxy, not science. This is why they have absolutely no credibility, they police their story.

  • The fact is, as evolution theory religionists, they disavow observation and experimentation of anything other than matter and energy - with acts of intelligent, willful creation and communication happening billions and billions of times every day, all around them, even inevitably involving them.
  • They dismiss out of hand, without the slightest shred of reasonable cause, the hypothesis that intelligent expression, whether of creativity or communication, is absolutely impossible without a willfully creative, communicating source - the hypothesis that the churning of matter and energy could not in all eternity, given all the gigabillions-squared opportunities every second to do so, ever result in will, creativity or communication.

  • The presupposition that matter and energy are alone of consequence in the issue of origins presupposes the conclusion that evolution alone is the correct theory of origins.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Ron Paul brought out the best of us in Michigan

Today Ron Paul brought out the best of
our fellow patriots voting in Michigan.

Today the good news in Michigan is more than 100,000 voters came out and cast ballots for a true constitutionalist leader: there is integrity and consistency in American politics today - and it is a slowly growing number who know: we have a good set of laws laid out by our founding fathers - we have a sound strategy for many diverse people to live together in community enjoying the blessings of prosperity.

It is all about individual liberty, free enterprise, protecting our property rights and the opportunity to excel, and engage in productivity without liberal welfare programs - save money, and we'll live more secure with our employment capabilities focused on providing four our own families.

We can bravely refrain from invading foreign countries that are not waging war against us, and engage in diplomacy without the liberal warfare programs - save money and we'll live more secure with our military capabilities focused on protecting our own shores. - Please like, share, subscribe & comment! 2/28/2012 Ron Paul is America's leading voice for limited, constitutional government, low t...

Sunday, February 26, 2012

The Obama administration: despicable

Absolutely unacceptable duplicity on the grounds of religious and cultural bigotry: the Obama administration is despicable!

1) Bigoted demonstrators and Islamist despots are likely aware of the circumstances regarding the defaced copies of the Koran burned with trash at the U.S. Airbase in Afghanistan: that there would be a requirement for them to be burned, but because the service personnel were not seen as Muslim, their act is seen as desecration.

The defacement occurred by captured insurgents as a means of communicating to insurgents outside bases of capture. The justification of all arts of war under the teachings of jihad allowed the defacement by the insurgents, then jihad takfir allows the misrepresentation of the facts with regard to the circumstances of the Koran burnings.

2) Bigoted leaders of the Obama administration who are making supercilious apologies about the Koran burnings as if the act was a violation, incorrectly done by the U.S. service personnel at the base. But there have been copies of the Bible burned for political reasons as a matter of policy, ordered by the Obama administration.

Let's bear in mind that modern printing and publishing capabilities means that there is no loss to any religious entity in the world because of the burning or other means of destruction of scriptural copy seen as containing sacred messages - the destruction could even be a matter of deleting digital content off a Kindle Fire database.

This is all about respect.

It is seen as disrespectful for U.S. service personnel to conduct the burning of defaced Koran copies at the base. That disrespect is based SOLELY on the bigoted Islamic law's requirement that ceremonious retirement of defaced scripture copy must be administered by Islamic authorities. The defaced Koran copies were required to be burned, by the way.

The Obama administration is willing to throw the respect of our U.S. service men and women, our nation, and through their favoritism toward Muslim religiosity over Christian faith, Christians, under a bus as worthless.

A teenager's response might be serviceable in this situation: to say, "whatever" and "yeah, I see how it is."

The Obama administration has not the slightest semblance of respectability.

Monday, February 6, 2012

A nation free and brave.

We were once upon a time, a nation free and brave.

What can we do to restore our founders' vision? First, I would assert that there is an absolute demarcation we must make against the size and power of government, perhaps especially the government power we might lust for most to get what we want, to prove the point of our resolve and discipline against socialism that now ensnares us.

Here is a for-instance, if some of us like the recent "shock-and-awe" wars we've waged. If we do not respect law and our founder's vision for a constitutional republic on such points as the due process for prosecuting a war: a constitutional declaration by congress, then we don't deserve to change anything.

Our undeclared, illegal wars are a disgrace! We manipulate and want for them out of fear, and so prepare ourselves for craven capitulation before a master. Christian right evangelicals are fighting for this when pushing candidates such as Gingrich, Romney or Santorum: fear mongering liberal WARFARE programs.

"A nation which can prefer disgrace to danger is prepared for a master, and deserves one," said Alexander Hamilton.

We were once upon a time, a nation free and brave. We once did not allow fear mongering over what secrets might be revealed or intelligence compromised if we presented clear reasons openly about foreign threats that might necessitate war.

Note to fellow believers in Christ, if you are a Republican and not aware of how evil the Republican party is for pushing these liberal warfare programs: stop your love affair with the GOP of big government entanglements with foreign affairs, please.

Stop favoring wicked robber-barons like the Bush family just because they have a different label from robber-barons like the Kennedy family. Stop favoring socialism with a Republican Party label over socialism with a Democratic Party label, please.

Oh, and ask God to help you repent of your favoritism of illegal wars: from Vietnam to Iraq, wars whereby we send troops into combat, invade foreign countries, loose tens of thousands of our sons and kill hundreds of thousands of foreigners, but without a constitutional declaration of war by congress. Repent of that.

Every God fearing person out there - please - for the love of GOD! Acknowledge please there is a limitation to what GOVERNMENT can do. Another for-instance: do not worship GOVERNMENT for its power to stop abortions!!! Please! May GOD help you to see THE TRUTH!!!

The government that is powerful enough to stop all potential abortions including in cases of rape or incest is a government that is powerful enough to abort all its undesirables and exterminate every voice for truth that stands against it.

It is the devil's game: seduce Christians into a deal. DON'T DO IT!!! A Doctor can explain the vague nuances between worst case scenarios, for example, the possible fertilization and the future potential for conception if implantation of a fertilized egg takes place after a rape. That's too far into the minute factors for government to have any voice. Keep government small, in the face of such issues, please.

For now, Christians are being seduced into being foot soldiers for big government - for the loss of personal liberty and for the chosen wars that oil-rich robber-barons want to fight to protect their monopolies.

We need to get to the root problem: big government itself. That includes liberal WARFARE programs abroad - and State Department entanglements based on baseless fears - as well as liberal welfare programs and social security entitlements. Go LEAN on your philosophy and attack the ROOT PROBLEM!!!

Prioritize - I know you can do it: with much prayer and seeking God in scripture, I know you can leave your lust for big government.

The strategy of true constitutionalists - who would restore our founder's vision, by the way - is this: have congress vote out Roe by forbidding federal courts from hearing abortion related cases. Put personhood before the states as the product of human conception that is biologically replete and developing. (in other words, pregnancy is found in the first trimester: an implanted, conceived, in-utero person). Then, go with equal protection under law from there.

Acknowledge that there is a limit to the scope of government action. Follow the boundaries set by our constitution. Acknowledge laws against homicide belong at the state level, otherwise you are arming the federal government over the states! Acknowledge you can't go beyond visible developing humanity for personhood: fertilized eggs and chemical theories based on human genomes is out.

We should discuss more how freedom works, and stop the nonsense for the sake of common sense. Please

Thursday, January 26, 2012

The evangelical voter guides, and why they can lie:

An open letter to Focus on the Family in response to
their GOP Presidential candidate voter guide:

I disagree with the premise behind several of your questions that in my view make your voter guide a falsehood, something that can not be trusted because YOU lose credibility as your pro-Bush neo - conservative agenda shows.

To be real, you have got to take into consideration Constitutional and limited government values in evaluating people's position on family, pro-life and moral issues. You are not being funny, nor are you serving God or man to deliver questions that amount to a pro-Republican neo - conservative agenda for GOP-led draconian federal powers to give you all you want to win the culture wars through some sort of marshal law enforcement of a slate of family, pro-life and moral issues agenda.

How will you listen? Should I put it in Biblical sounding terms? "Really, I say unto you - truly, truly," - that there are patriotic, God-fearing leaders who have many things to offer to the national debate who disagree with a paramount human life amendment or a federal constitutional amendment on marriage, a religious institution. How close would we be to federally mandated religious statements on other matters? Would evangelical Christians always be at the helm to run a neo - theocracy? Is the government going to enforce all our laws against homicide once the paramount human life amendment is in effect?

Please listen: if to nothing else, just to the fact that it is reasonable for an evangelical Christian to be fully pro-life but follow a strategy of voting through congress an end to the Roe-v-Wade era by a vote to prohibit federal courts to hear matters pertaining to abortion or abortion rights, then working with the states on personhood initiatives to call the question on state laws against homicide.

Am I less pro-life because that is my understanding of the right strategy for protecting in-utero people? I have risked arrest at abortion mills to try to stop abortions. I adopted five as part of my own mission to save some alive for my savior. Am I less pro-life for endorsing Ron Paul, who also is a believer in the shed blood of Jesus Christ for the remission of his personal sins?

You people are wrapped into the politics of serving the Bush family and neo - conservative big government, in my opinion. Can you address THAT? Or am I to assume I am correct in my concerns?